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Associate Dealer Tag & Auction Application Process

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Associate Dealer Plate Only Program, $299 Per Month…

Associate Dealer Plate Only Program, $299 Per Month…

Associate Dealer Plate Only Application * Click Here * Florida Car Dealers License Plate Only Program is designed for the individual who is already a associate of Florida Car Dealers License but needs an extra dealer plate. Florida Car Dealers License can also accommodate other existing used car dealers who can not get additional dealer plates from their existing Department of Motor Vehicle. For only  $ 299 dollars per month you will receive a fully insured dealer plate that is good anywhere in associates licensed area.For only $ 299 dollars per month you will get:One Fully Insured Used Car Dealer Licence Plate
, A Florida Registration o be carried in the vehicle at all times)An Insurance Card for the Dealer Plate
 and Free support on proper use of the Dealer licence Plate.g your dealer plate is as easy!Print and fill out the License Plate Only Program Application
 2nd in the application with a check for $ 897.00 (First and Last 2 Months) 
3. Get your d…



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With our three used car dealer license associate programs to choose from, Florida Car Dealers  has the flexibility to fill your used car dealer licensing need.
Just Print, Fill Out, and Send in your application and initial payment.

With associate programs low down payment and affordable per month payment plan makes getting a used car dealer license easy and affordable for anyone.

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