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Associate Dealer Auction and Tag Application
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Floirda Car Dealers License: Full Dealer License Associate Program is the chosen way to get into the used car business.
Our full dealers associate program is a combination of the best of the two programs above, allowing you access to dealer-only auto auctions as well as use of a fully insured auto dealers license plate.

The value of becoming a fully licensed dealer associate for less than $ 1,500 down and only $ 499 per month! Your business opportunities are only limited by your drive and motivation.

Florida Car Dealers License is one of the easiest and least expensive on the market today. Nowhere else can a person go and get the full benefits of a used car dealer license for less then $ 500 per month!

Buy your own cars, sell your own cars and keep all your profits!

For only $ 499 per month you will get:  Access to Dealer Only Auctions
, Access to a Fully Insured Dealer License Tag
 and includes all documents and paperwork to sell and buy Used Cars

Becoming a full dealer associate is easy!

1. Print and fill out the Dealer Auction and Tag Program Application

2. Send in the application We will contact you to set up a meeting.

3. Become a Full Dealship in four (4) weeks..!

Please Note:  You get a fully insured dealer plate and auction access with this program.
Print, completely fill out and sign the application.

Once your application is recieved Florida Car Dealers will contact you to confirm receipt and immediately send you a dealer license survey. The dealer license survey is a short form to gather additional information so Florida Car Dealers can add you as an associate .Once we receive your completed dealer license survey, we will place you onto a local used car dealer license as our associate , registration and paper work takes about 5 days  to process weeks. You are a Florida Car Dealers associate and legally able to buy and sell used cars under Florida Car Dealers .